Legal Compliance

It is vitally important that every organisation ensures that it complies with all of the regulatory requirements applicable to it’s industry, and more broadly Commonwealth and State laws that apply throughout Australia.

Our legal compliance specialists cannot give you legal advice. Fifth Element Advisors can collaborate with your organisation’s lawyers to implement internal business processes and documentation that complies with their advice. This will usually involve one of our compliance specialists spending a period of time working with your lawyers and your employees to:

  • Audit your organisation’s existing business processes and documentation;
  • Identify specific processes and documentation that need to change to become compliant;
  • Produce a compliance report, to be agreed to by the senior executives of your organisation and your lawyers;
  • Implement the agreed changes to the relevant business processes and documentation; and
  • Provide staff training, where relevant.

Clinical_audit_cycleOur legal compliance specialists are degree-qualified in law and accounting, and have many years of experience in business-process-improvement and change management. They are fully conversant with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 31000, the globally recognised standard for risk management and compliance solutions.

Contact us to arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion about your legal compliance needs.



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