Secure Communications 


For those who are tech-savvy and use PGP Encryption for email, here is Tim Peters’ PGP Public Key:


Tim Peters (0xBE1A4836) pub


Just download it and import it into your PGP Key Manager.


The Security of your Information is our Priority

We take the confidentiality and security of our clients personal and business information very seriously.

Although email clients typically establish a secure connection between the users computer and the users email provider, when the email is forwarded on to the recipient it will usually involve ‘in-the-clear’ transmission between email services before it reaches the recipient. Information that is transmitted over the internet in an unencrypted form can fall into the hand of cyber-criminals, or other parties who are not entitled to the information.

It is therefore very important that sensitive information that you send to us is fully encrypted between when it is sent from your computer to when it reaches us.

We will Send You Sensitive Documents Using SecureSafe

To help with this, please ensure that when you want to send us sensitive information you use one of the above-mentioned encrypted communications protocols.

Whenever we send you any information that may be considered sensitive to you or your business, we will utilise secure communications technology provided by SecureSafe, a Swiss-based secure data-storage company that provides secure storage and client-communications services to many of the worlds leading financial institutions.

This will involve the transmission of a secure message to your email address with a link to the document stored with Secure Safe.

As we aim to maintain the highest level of security, we will use 2-factor authentication. We will send you a unique one-time code by SMS to your mobile phone, which will authorise access to the document via the emailed link. If you would prefer the code to be transmitted to you by some other means other than by email, you can instruct us accordingly.







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